There might be lots of reasons for Bathroom Renovations. Bathrooms are one of the major spaces that everyone is using regularly. However, it can be the most dangerous place for people with less mobility. The risk of slipping, falling, or tripping in the bathroom may increase due to the poor safety measures followed. If you are planning to remotely use your bathroom it is the right time to add curtain safety features to avoid future accidents in the bathroom. Continue reading below to know some of the safety measures to consider in your bathroom renovation process.

Bathroom display house tiled

Grab Bars

Whether you have a bathtub or shower, it can help you to have extra steadiness while bathing. Fixing secure grab bars on the walls can help you to get out of the bathroom with peace of mind as you go in. Remember never to depend on towel bars for support while they are not attached to the walls securely as grab bars. So remember your professionals during the process of Bathroom Renovations.

Built In Shower Seating

Built-in shower seating is recommended while installing a shower system in your bathroom. When standing for a long period, this seat will give you a comfortable place to rest while bathing. Also, it is a more preferable choice for people with knee or joint pain. Beyond that, built-in seating will be an extra element of design and gives a chic look to your space.

Slip Free Surfaces 

Water and smooth surfaces are the keys to disasters that took place in many bathrooms. Adding slip-free mats or resurfacing bathtub and showers to create a slip resistant texture can make it a comfortable place for all types of people while in the shower. These surfaces can range from bath mats, carpets used outside of tubs, and mats that use suction cups to stick to the tub are specially manufactured with slip free surfaces.

Wider Doorways

If you are remodeling the bathroom with safety measures, then consider widening the doorway. In addition, making a bathroom more accessible to someone who uses a wheelchair reduces the chance of stumbling down when they are going at night.

Night Lights

Waking up to use the bathroom at night can create a dangerous situation for many people, especially for people with disabilities. Fixing night lights in your bathroom or hallway can make it easier for people to find their right path in the dark. Lighted light switches are another excellent idea for making your bathroom more accessible. There are so many reasons for Small Bathroom Renovations Melbourne, but it should also include safety measures in the checklist.

Walk In Shower

The most dangerous part of using the bathtub is stepping over the crossing over the high wall of the basin. You can eliminate the risks by installing a walk in shower with difficult free entry in your washroom. Set flush to the ground so you don't need to step over the lipped edge when you take a bath, this will make it easier for people of all ages. Walk-in showers are not only a safe bathing option but there are also modern choices helping to give you a refreshed look. It is important to work with professionals during Bathroom Renovations to implement the feature and ensure they are flawless. FOr more details Contact Us now