All homeowners should devote some extra care and attention to their bathroom. Bathroom renovation Melbourne would be a great start to kick off a home improvement project. But if you're starting out on your own with a bathroom redesign, it can be quite challenging to create the look you want to achieve.

Maintaining financial control and having a well-defined strategy for incorporating all your bathroom makeover ideas are essential for the success of your bathroom renovation. We've compiled 10 bathroom renovation ideas from industry professionals to make your project a great success.

10 Expert Tips For Bathroom Renovation Melbourne

  • Organise a Budget Plan

Developing a budget plan to include all your home renovation project costs, should be your first step. This would include the cost of all labour, bathroom fixtures and accessories to complete your amazing bathroom design.

Hiring a professional bathroom renovation specialist can make the process of establishing a budget for a new bathroom much simpler as they can guide you through the complete renovation plan.

  • Pre-Order The Products

Shopping for all the bathroom fixtures and accessories can be so overwhelming and fun so you need to allow yourself enough time to select what you like so that it’s delivered on time for the start date of the renovation.

Products that are either out of stock or on backorder, can put any renovation effort to a grinding halt. Once an electrician or a plumber leaves the job because there is nothing to install, there is no guarantee that they will be available when the items come.

  • Select Bath-Appropriate Surfaces

Keep in mind that the surfacing materials you select for your new bathroom must be water and moisture resistant. The surfaces in a bathroom are constantly subjected to hot soapy water and heavy steam from the shower, the basin, the bathtub and the rest of the fixtures. These environmental conditions can make walking difficult and more importantly very dangerous.

The best choice for a bathroom floor is porcelain tile. Unlike ceramic tile, porcelain flooring is extremely durable and may be found in a broad variety of sizes, shapes, colours and patterns. Slip resistant tiles are a major factor to consider when choosing a tile for a bathroom floor including the shower.

  • Maintain An Open and Functional Space

Maintaining a clean, well-lit and functional bathroom is crucial especially when small bathroom renovations can result in congestion or overlapping of essentials, resulting in a disorganized, inefficient space.

Using bright, light coloured tiles in your design will make the room feel larger. The use of high-gloss paints and a generous number of wall mirrors is a tried and true method for improving lighting conditions.

  • Consider The Bathtub

Bathtubs are a common fixture in domestic bathrooms, but they aren't always necessary. A shower may be more convenient for some people than a bath. Others would rather not waste the water required to fill the tub or use the space in the bathroom.

If you enjoy taking long baths, you should consider where the tub will be placed before finalizing the rest of the design and if you plan to install a bathtub, you can even decide if you wanted to have it as a shower bath, so you are able to have a shower as well.

  • Think About Ventilation

Sadly, this is an aspect that frequently goes unnoticed during bathroom renovation Melbourne. Areas of the bathroom including the shower and bathtub will be moist due to the use of water for bathing and showering.

There are two types of bathroom ventilation systems: windows and exhaust fans. While windows provide excellent ventilation, they can also let in unwanted elements from the outdoors.

Toxic airborne particles, plant pollen, insects, have all at some time been able to enter homes through bathroom windows. Exhaust vents will remove the humidity and moisture in the bathroom that can cause havoc on a property. Your bathroom specialist will be able to provide the best advise as to where an air vent should be placed to maximize airflow.

  • Don't Forget the Outlets!

Bathroom outlets are one of those things that really should be there but usually isn't. It would be terrible to be almost done with the remodel only to discover there are no or very few outlets in the bathroom.

If the presence of outlets threatens the attractive design you have in mind, try concealing them. Outlets can be installed in drawers, vanities and even medicine cabinets.

  • Expandable Storage

If you need to disassemble and reassemble any parts of your bathroom, this is an absolute must. It would be unfortunate to finish up bathroom renovation Melbourne only to find that you have less storage space than before. Increasing storage capacity does not necessitate to install enormous, walk-in linen closets.

You can expand storage in small ways, such as installing a built-in shelf in the bathtub or installing additional wall cabinets. To store more towels, washcloths and toiletries, think about making use of vanity or open shelving.

  • Bathroom Enhancements

If you want your bathroom to look nice, you don't have to break the bank to do it. A well-thought-out upgrade to your bathroom's magnificence can create a truly one-of-a-kind environment.

When deciding on a new floor for your bathroom, why not think about installing a heated one? The feeling of stepping out of the bathtub onto a heated floor is similar to that of a luxurious spa.

Perhaps you enjoy the coziness of a huge, fluffy towel. If you're looking for simple yet luxurious additions, consider putting in a heated towel rack.

  • Choose A Reliable Contractor

Bathroom renovation Melbourne is not really a DIY project so if you want your bathroom to look amazing, it's important to hire a reliable contractor, that can be recommended from any of your friends or family. You can also find a business on Google search and investigate their previous work by the reviews that are on the business website or even better, you can contact them and arrange a consultation to discuss.


We hope you found the bathroom renovation tips to be worthwhile. If you want to have the best possible bathroom makeover, you should pay close attention to all the above. Getting professional advice and assistance is essential if you want to transform your outdated bathroom into an elegant and efficient new space.